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Why you need to get involved today

So what is all the fuss about?

The most effective way to get Ngāti Hinerangi moving in the right direction is to get the best Treaty of Waitangi settlement possible.

During the decades of colonisation and land wars, the people of Ngāti Hinerangi lost much of its land, forestry and access to waterways.

Most of the area that was lost was claimed by other neighbouring iwi, confiscated by the Crown only to be gifted or sold off to British settlers as well or kept by the Crown and turned into various reserves and towns.

Now that Ngāti Hinerangi Trust is negotiating a Treaty of Waitangi Settlement, we are able to get some justice for our tūpuna who suffered at the hands of the Crown.

What does this mean for me?

For some iwi, a settlement has means monetary compensation in the millions and this is a possibility for us too.

Our researchers and Government researchers have proven our worth in land, forestry and waterways.

Now we need to do the same with our people.

It’s a simple formula, really. The more people we have registered to Ngāti Hinerangi, the more power we have at the negotiation table.

The chance to reach a settlement only comes around once so we really have to make a good go of it.

With the significant boost a Treaty settlement can give us, the future for our people is bright.

Other iwi have gone on to; 

-       establish tertiary scholarships

-       establish sporting scholarships

-       create free health clinics

-       increase accessibility to already established clinics through shuttle services and subsidies

-       create affordable housing

-       upgrade and maintain marae to be warm, dry and functional

-       establish hauora or community groups to help people with social services such as budgeting, parenting, nutrition etc

-       create opportunities for adventure tourism

-       create job opportunities through apprenticeships.

The sky is the limit but we need your help. And we need it today.


Ok, how can I help?

We’ve had hundreds of whānau get on board by registering online and for this, he mihi nui kia koutou!

Now we just need to encourage the rest of our whānau to do the same by going to our online registration page from the homepage.

The registration page will ask you for your name, your link to Ngāti Hinerangi such as your mother or grandfather. It will then ask you the name and birth date of any of your children enabling us to add them to the register giving them the right to any benefits that should come out of this settlement.

The form will also ask if you have any skills or qualifications that may make you a strong candidate for getting even more involved.

We hate to rush you into this but your help is needed urgently with negotiations almost complete and the ratification process just around the corner. Please, take a look over the website and contact us if you have any more questions.

We’ve only got one shot at this so please, help us to do it well by giving us your support.