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Ratification results


Ngāti Hinerangi Trust have reported fantastic results with regard to the ratification phase of our Ngāti Hinerangi Iwi Treaty Settlement process.

All adult members of Ngāti Hinerangi Iwi were asked to vote on whether or not they would agree with the proposed Deed of Settlement package offered to Ngāti Hinerangi by the Crown through the work of Ngāti Hinerangi Trust.

The Trust has just over 1200 registered members and it looks to gain a number of culturally significant properties, commercially viable properties, reserves and forestry that will help build the wealth of the iwi as well as an $8.1 million cash injection.

Members were asked to vote on three resolutions pertaining to their support for the proposed package, support for the proposed post-settlement governance entity (PSGE) to sign the settlement on behalf of the people and support for the PSGE to eventually hold and manage the settlement assets going forward.

Ngāti Hinerangi Trust is delighted to report that 60 per cent of the voting community successfully voted online, by post or by ballot box at one of the five ratification hui held in February.

It is even more delighted to report that it gained 95 per cent support on all three resolutions.

Ngāti Hinerangi Trust would like to thank all those who participated and supported this kaupapa. Managed in the right way, this settlement will go a long way in helping to strengthen Ngāti Hinerangi iwi again.

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