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PSGE to be made up of Marae Representatives

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PSGE to be made up of Marae Representatives

The new Post Settlement Governance Entity (PSGE) is set to go by the name Te Puāwaitanga o Ngāti Hinerangi Iwi and will be made up of two representatives from the four marae of registered iwi members.

While the name was decided upon by attendants at the last Ngāti Hinerangi hui-a-iwi, other decisions made by the Trust on the PSGE were revealed at the hui-a-iwi through a presentation by negotiator Dianna Vaimoso.

The PSGE is the team of people who will manage, spend or invest the assets and cash gained through the Treaty of Waitangi Settlement.

As outlined in the Agreement in Principle signed in December, the settlement package for Ngāti Hinerangi is set to include a quantum sum of $8.1 million.

The package will also include properties to be gifted back to the people of Ngāti Hinerangi and various commercial redress properties the Crown would offer the iwi to buy.

Chairman Philip Smith says the PSGE would need to be a team of sensible and well-informed people dedicated to making the smartest decision for Ngāti Hinerangi, ensuring the ability to pave a prosperous future for the iwi.

Te Pūawaitanga o Ngāti Hinerangi Iwi translates to The Blossoming of Ngāti Hinerangi, a name aimed at reflecting the revival of Ngāti Hinerangi Iwi.

The PSGE will be made up of eight members comprising of two registered representatives from Te Ohaki Marae, Tangata Marae, Hinerangi Tāwhaki Marae and Tamapango Marae, all based in Okaua.

Dianna, who is also a trustee, says the Trust was looking for a structure that would allow for uncompromised transparency and accountability as well as being totally representative on the people of Ngāti Hinerangi.

"By having representatives from each marae, we will have people who are able to share information and receive feedback from our people through those already established communication lines," she says. " As a Trust, we believe this makes the make up of the PSGE fair and fully representative."

Nominees and those who vote for the PSGE must be registered iwi members. All decisions must be passed through a ratification process later in the year during which, registered members will vote to indicate their support or opposition to the decisions made on the development of the PSGE.

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