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Kapiti teenager's Te Reo Video a hit

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A schoolboy's speech encouraging respect for Te Reo has garnered more than 130,000 views on YouTube in three days, and attracted international attention.

Kapiti College year 11 student Finnian Galbraith uploaded the speech on July 20, urging all New Zealanders to learn to pronounce Te Reo words correctly.  

He originally wrote the piece for a school speech competition last year, but a teacher recently urged him to publish it wider.

"I jumped at the opportunity; my goal from the start was to spread my message to as many people as possible.

"I thought it would get a couple of hundred views, I didn't expect this at all, it's pretty amazing," he said.

By Thursday, July 23, the video had been watched almost 148,000 times and drawn hundreds of comments - mostly in support.  The 15-year-old's video has featured on  The Guardian and the BBC, and staff from both news organisations have been in touch with him. 

Galbraith, who is not Maori, said he was driven to take up the topic when he noticed how often classmates were not making an effort to pronounce Te Reo words.


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