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Iwi Trustees

Re-establishing an iwi and bringing its’ people together is not an easy job but we’re fortunate enough to have a strong team dedicated to restoring Ngāti Hinerangi to its’ former glory, full of life and prosperity.

Each board member brings their own expertise to the table as well as a passion to bring Ngāti Hinerangi back into the spotlight, reigniting the iwi’s stronghold on the area.

Trustees meet every two weeks and can answer any questions from people of the iwi at regular hui-a-iwi, an open forum held every two months to update the iwi on what’s new with Ngāti Hinerangi.

Trustees are;

Chair, Phil Smith

Treasurer, Dianna Vaimoso

Secretary, Barbara Kinzett

Eunice (Whanaupani) Smith

Waimatao Smith

Dave Thompson

Phil Samuels

Chris Wilson