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Whare Korero this weekend

Ngati Hinerangi Whare korero – September 2016

Information sheet

What is a Whare Korero?

The reason iwi have the ability to file for a Treaty claim is because the Crown has acknowledged that rulings made by it after the Treaty was signed created a negative impact on our people.  Many of us will know what those negative impacts were, many of us would have experienced these negative impacts, first hand. Many of us are still experiencing these impacts today. While the Crown admits to this and is willing to apologise and work toward a Treaty Settlement, we have not had a chance to express these impacts personally.

The Whare Korero event is our chance to air our grievances to representatives of the Crown within the comfort of our own marae, surrounded and supported by whanau.

This is a two-day event during which whanau have a chance to speak about the negative affect colonization has had on the people of Ngāti Hinerangi Iwi as a whole, as a whanau and individually.



How is this done?

These effects spoken of are to fall into categories presented by us to the Crown. Some of these include topics such as housing, cultural identity, economics, loss of land, education and health.

Whanau are encouraged to speak about how they have been affected under these categories. For example – Ngāti Hinerangi Iwi land was illegally obtained by the Crown and sold off to Pākeha as farmland which stopped our people being able to hunt or harvest food in our traditional food gathering areas. This action by the Crown resulted in a negative affect for our people, those of which are still evident today. This negative impact would fall under the loss of land topic.

Another example would be the use of corporal punishment in schools to punish children who spoke Maori. That was a law created by the Crown, a direct cause of the declining number of Ngāti Hinerangi people who speak Te Reo to this day. One generation was discouraged to speak Te Reo and the flow on effect is still seen in today’s generation. This example could be covered in the cultural identity topic.



How will the event run?

The Whare Korero event for Ngāti Hinerangi is to be held at Te Ohaki Marae in Okauia on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 September 2016. The two day event will begin with a powhiri. The organising team plans to allow two to three of our whanau speak on each topic for about five minutes each (it goes fast, we promise). There are scheduled to be 13 topics to speak on, listed below:-



Raupatu and Tauranga-moana


Cultural Practices


Te Puna, Katikati bush campaign


Spiritual Wellbeing


Land development - environment




Native land laws and Landlessness




Economic Resources


Cultural identity, whakapapa







What would the content of a speech be?

We are encouraging people to use the whare kōrero event as a chance to highlight one situation, one event, one example of when you experienced a negative effect of what the Crown did generations ago. It could have been a memory from your childhood or even an instance that has happened recently as a result of colonization that took place.
We would ask speakers to take that experience and expand on it further. Speakers would talk about what life was like in the lead up to that event, who was involved in the event, what happened, how that made them feel and how the effect may still be felt today.

There are a few goals to keep in mind with your speech. This is your one and only chance to voice your feelings to the Crown, this is your chance to get things off your chest and stir up emotion among whanau. This is also the first time many of our own whanau attending may have heard these stories so it’s important to keep them clear, concise and accurate.


How can I get involved?

This is the easy part. While some people are comfortable writing their own speech, our organising team can help you out if you need it. We would arrange to see you and chat about the topic you’d like to contribute to. We can talk further with you about your story ensuring we have all the relevant information needed to created a speech for you.

We would take notes and then produce a draft speech. We would confirm it with yourself and even assist you with becoming familiar with it. And just so you know, you’re able to have this speech in front of you on the day so the practice is just about helping you be confident with it.

Reading out such an experience that has impacted your life can be an emotional task and let’s face it, we’re not all natural public speakers so we want to make sure you’re happy and comfortable.

It’s important that whatever story you present on the day corresponds with a legislation outllined in the Ngāti Hinerangi Historical Account but that’s where we will assist too.

Your most important job is to have a story to share with us.